Willow--Now retired and living with us forever<3

A sable sepia mackerel tabby and white love muffin. Affectionate but independent, Willow entertains us at every turn. She loves to talk with her vocabulary of various meows and chirps; whether she is greeting us, following one of us through the house, or trying to convey a seemingly complex cat opinion (yes, her chirps are that nuanced). In the same day she will be seen bolting energetically through the house and then resting placidly on a pillow. She seems to be able to read the energy in the house and adapts accordingly. Truly a cat with a loving palpable, real personality!













Kally-Now retired and living with us<3


Khaleesi, or Kally for short, is a prim and proper princess with an innocent curiosity to match. With a head on a swivel, she doesn’t miss any sound or movement, whether from dog, human, or television. She is an explorer by heart and loves to race around with our other cat. But most precious of all, she is notorious for her constant purring anytime a human is within a foot of her—before she is even petted on the chin! She is a sweetheart without fail, a floppy Muffin to hold, and constantly has the whole house musing about her cuteness. Khaleesi is one of a kind.

SantaCats RagaMuffins:

Kaerik Willow of SantaCats


CH Kaerik Khaleesi of SantaCats

CH SantaCats Rhaegal



Rhaegal, fondly called Rhaea, is a regular lovebug. She is very vocal when in need, if only for affection or some company. Fearless and outgoing, even with the resident dog and puppy who enjoy pawing and licking at her. We love her mushy kittens that she brings to our happy home, tabby and non-tabby!

ICandy Moscato of SantaCats

Moe-Now retired and living as a King and only cat with Andrew in MI

Moscato or Moe is our very first in-house stud. He's full of love and purrs constantly, even at the Vet's office! His coat is to die for, rabbity softness, you'd never want to stop touching<3.

SantaCats Sugarplum


Sugar or Sug is a super sweet love of a Muffin with beautiful eye color. She's got the softest, most plush coat that we can't wait to see on her kittens<3. She follows her humans around the house whenever she is not napping in the sun.

SantaCats Angel

Angel--Now retired

Angel is a spirited, playful girl and yet the most floppy lap kitty that you could imagine. She will likely make the most excellent mother as she already "mothers" the kittens that aren't even her own. She has wings in her coat on her shoulders and a white ring resembling a halo around the tip of her tail.

ICandy Kahlua of SantaCats


Lu, or Lua for short, is our in-house stud who is full of head butts and lap cuddles. Each morning he loves to roll around on my lap while I comb and pet his velvety fur. He is such a mushy Muffin boy!

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